Why is the Security Management Important for your Organisation?​

Why is the Security Management Important for your Organisation?​

With the advancement of threats & security breaches, security management is becoming more complex. Cyber criminals can disguise their attacks using encryption, packaging, and polymorphism bypassing the regular security solutions that are inherently slow to react and cope up with the day to day emerging threats. This is the reason why networks become a tempting factor for intruders and attackers.

Why do you need to consider Security Management ?

Organizations must employ and maintain proactive security governance and compliance programs to persist in today’s cutthroat market and to achieve a more secure state. Many companies realize that they need to fundamentally change their structure and approach to information security. This is mostly the result of a significant security breach or stakeholders concern over the security posture. Our security professionals have their scale, skills, and expertise to support your organisation throughout the transformation journey, starting from defining a security strategy to implementing it.

Our security service ensures advanced threat analysis, comprehensive information security reporting, and an intelligent security search. We analyse a wide range of information logs, network flow data, known vulnerabilities and other activities done by hosts, devices and applications, to address the all the aspect of security and compliance requirements.

Our Security Management Approach

Step 1

Helps you to log, classify, prioritize, investigate & diagnose any kind of incident that is occurring in your organisation

Step 2

Automate and orchestrate the entire incident response lifecycle to reduce the detection response time to a greater extent

Step 3

Help you to build a suite of services that is centralized and ensures robust network security is in position across your enterprise

Step 4

Help you to create metrics & operational visibility to security incidents & events. Will assist you with compliance needs around PCI-DSS, HIPAA, etc

Risk Minimisation Plan

With the advent of new users, new applications, network expansion, new risks & threats are also introduced. Organisation cannot treat each & every asset the same. They need to identify & prioritize important assets in order to protect them at any cost. Also, executive managers should communicate the same to the security team and help them understand the choices they need to make.

It is very crucial to understand that incidents are going to happen. You can take preventive measures, but you cannot stop it. From the security perspective, in any business the users are the weakest links. Many of the serious data breaches are a result of human error which might not be intentional. So, there is an urge to train users on a continuous basis about what they can and can’t do.

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