Mu Sigma is an Indian management consulting firm that primarily offers data analytics services. its headquarter is in Chicago, Illinois. Mu Sigma conducts a test to select and choose potential employees for their organization. The recruitment process will include selection stage to evaluate an applicant’s potential. The selection process will consist of a test on abilities, knowledge, experience, skills, and different related factors. There will be a written exam followed by technical and personal interview.

Section Name No Of Questions Minutes
General Knowledge
45 Mins (Shared with MuApt)
45 Mins (Shared with General Knowledge)
Case Study

Aptus (Quantitative Aptitude)

Latus (Logical Aptitude)

Tekhne (Technical Aptitude)

Personalis ( personality-based)

Communicationis (written communication)


Industria (industry-based knowledge)


Before the test, Musigma generally shares about 2-3 useful links with students.  
These links are nothing but articles related to Data Scientist role.
One has to go through these before the exam & Industria questions will be based on the information given in these articles.

Technical Questions (Tekhne)
4-5 technical Pseudocode based programming questions

MuSigma Aptitude Questions (Aptus, Latus, Tekhne)
Aptitude, verbal, logical are generally between easy-moderate difficulty level