Results are What Edupracto Guarantees

Results are What Edupracto Guarantees

Unlimited Practice Tests

Take as many tests as you like, it’s unlimited. Practice the tests anytime and anywhere, it’s highly time flexible.  whenever you want to according to your flexibility of time. Free unlimited 24X7 can be accessed from smartphones, tablet or computers. Edupracto comes with a large in-built question bank covering the latest hiring syllabus questions ranging over all courses. All practice tests are designed and developed by experts with due consideration to the previous year question pattern and difficulty level delivering real exam scenario. 


Customize Tests for Your Own Needs

Edupracto makes it easy for you to perfectly format multiple question types, print alternate versions, and publish to the web for online tests. Create multiple-choice MCQs, fill-in-the-blanks, matching, short answer, subjective, essay, true and false questions, and more based on your own needs, or create an exam from your existing tests with just a few clicks.    It offers multiple times to change the test pattern based on the difficulty level settings.

AI Tests for Targeted Improvement

Know your performance trend, your weaker areas to know where you need more concentration to concentrate more. Improve your score with pinpointed expert recommendations and AI tests. All our AI tests for targeted improvement are specifically designed to increase the accuracy and solving speed of students. The tests are structured in a way to equip students for preparing varied exam patterns

Predictive Analytics

Edupracto’s advanced scoring and analyzing tools offer detailed clarity over the marks obtained in each subject, section, tests, and more. This provides an in-depth outlook of the scorecards and the performance of the candidates. letting you acquaint with your strengths and weaknesses. Also, analyze and publish timely reports of the tests undertaken, providing clarity on the number of completed tests, average score, topper’s marks, and the count of students scoring above and below-average grades. Analyze and generate a record of a particular test, quiz or assessment easily.

Mobile App Enables Anytime Anywhere Practice

Android and iOS compatibility offers synchronized performance and splendid support on multiple platforms. The specifically designed architecture is tested and operated to provide continued multitasking with smoother data processing and easy switching. This simple and easy to use online examination system offers an intuitive and sequential flow of information, navigation features, grid view options, and more.

How do we do it?

Question Banks

Access an unlimited number of questions in the question bank. Add and define one question at a time or import an excel file constituting multiple questions. Easily create nine different types of questions that are multiple-choice, true and false, multiple responses, fill in the blanks, matching, single-digit, subjective, essay, and match matrix.

Diversity in Questions

Define question assessments and quizzes using different writing formats and add images to form an interactive online assessment system. You can define objective questions with multiple choice and response ranging from 2 to 5. You can create a variety of questions easily with Edupracto.

Latest Updates

Constantly browsing multiple websites and newspapers for multiple exam patterns can be enervating. Not only its time-taking but also you can miss many opportunities. Edupracto offers you the latest updates on question banks  with trending question patterns for all upcoming competitive exams. 

Management Dashboard

Filter, sort, search, and organize your tests and quickly review your test activity right from the dashboard. You can also easily toggle whether to show students their score, responses, correct/incorrect indicator, and the correct answers. Also, allow anyone to take your test, or protect it with a pass code. You can also limit access to specific people as well with identifier code.

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