Why is the Penetration Testing Important for your Organisation?​

Why is the Penetration Testing Important for your Organisation?​

Intruder always tends to spend a huge amount of time identifying weak points and vulnerabilities in your system instead of going ahead with a brute-force attack on the well-secured parts of the system. Hence, any kind of negligence or loose step in your security design can lead to serious situations with heavy consequences. In order to avoid such a situation and prevent your company from possible security breaches from different sorts of attacks.

Why do you need to consider Penetration Testing ?

With the ever-expanding nature of organization’s IT infrastructure and adoption of new applications, it becomes a huge challenge to check and assess all the potential vulnerabilities in the existing system.

There are few situations wherein a proper penetration testing plan becomes an absolute necessity. One such situation is related with the regular assessment which is required by different regulatory and compliance standards. Organizations that need to adhere to such regulatory mandates can rely on our well-planned penetration service to fix this problem of scheduled assessment once and for all.

Other situations may include inclusion of new network infrastructure or applications followed by significant upgrades and modifications in the existing infrastructure and different internal or external applications. In case you are expanding your organization to a new location, the need to secure your network becomes inevitable.

Our Penetration Testing Approach

Step 1

The primary goal is to assess your entire network infrastructure to point-out hidden vulnerabilities and threats

Step 2

We provide a mixed approach of automated and manual penetration testing of security concerns associated with web applications

Step 3

Mobile application penetration techniques eliminate the security concerns associated with the application integration and device theft

Step 4

Helps to prevent unauthorized access by validating all of your VPN tunnel endpoints

Risk Minimisation Plan

In order to minimize the risk, a detailed plan of involved assessment is drafted. Your organization would have a large number of public-facing websites. The final scope of assessment involves a comprehensive understanding of these web applications functioning coupled with your business needs.

The custom written applications can again pose a significant risk to any organization. Because of strict timelines or other priorities, the development team often deviates from following the best security practices while writing code. We thoroughly investigate your entire code base with the help of your development to provide you with curated risk analysis. Based on this analysis, concrete actionable are derived which are again planned in terms of objectives and timelines.

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