Why is the Application Security Important for your Organisation?​

Why is the Application Security Important for your Organisation?​

Securing applications is a critical part of any organization as one needs to provide global accessibility of the application via the internet. In this process, lots of applications are used within the organization by their employees to facilitate them for carrying out their day-to-day tasks and establish efficient inter-communication between them

Why do you need to consider Application Security ?

For any customer or individual, the primary concern is to get some kind of assurance that their sensitive information collected by companies is secured. This makes customers hesitant towards sharing their personal information with your application accessible over the internet. Further, ensuring application security in the cloud is quite a challenge as cloud environments provide shared resources that are publicly accessible from outside of the office network.

Proper policies and access control measures need to be taken to ensure that users can access only those data that they are authorized to via respective cloud-based applications. Many organizations find this as a bottleneck for the overall business growth and process management. Our service will help you to build, run and maintain all of the applications in a secured operational environment.

Our Application Security Approach

Step 1

Based on efficient vulnerability assessment, the scope of work and identification of existing security gaps in the software development process is carried out quickly

Step 2

Our service ensures the security concern associated with core applications like CRMs, ERPs, or other internal business applications

Step 3

We recommend effective security measures to restrict unauthorized users from accessing sensitive data in cloud environment

Step 4

For mobile devices vulnerability, we provide VPNs to add one more layer to mobile application security

Risk Minimisation Plan

The majority of security vulnerabilities inherent in an organization is because of design flaws. Many of the organization’s applications use open source components (libraries, frameworks, tools, etc.). This poses a huge threat as the moment any vulnerability associated with these open source components is identified and made public, the exploits are readily available to be tried by different attackers.

Risk minimization is a very critical aspect when it comes to application security for any organization. We provide you with a detailed assessment of existing security including associated risks. Based on the risk tolerance and acceptance of your organization, the risk priority and response strategies are defined. Our team of experts enables to incorporate the best security practices in the Software Development Life Cycle. This helps your organization to identify and fix vulnerabilities during the development phase itself, making the entire process cost-effective.

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